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Discover the Scent of Heritage with Penhaligon’s

Founded in 1870 by Mr. William Penhaligon, a Cornish Barber and perfumer. Penhaligon's is a British perfumery which has been appointed to the Royal Court as their goods and services have been regarded as demonstrating excellence and quality. Now, over almost 150 years later, they are proud to hold two long-standing Royal Warrants from HRH The Prince of Wales (granted in 1988) and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh (granted in 1956). Royal Warrants are a mark of recognition to individuals or compa...

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Hong Kong’s Finest Dry Cleaners

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                                Magnus & Novus    

Jeeves of Belgravia(潔服師)提供的衣物管理及名貴服裝護理服務達致一流水準


本店具備超卓的乾洗技術,服務一直深獲客戶的信任和讚賞。您要在香港找一家一流的乾洗店嗎﹖Jeeves of Belgravia為閣下不二之選。



Jeeves 環保計劃

  我們非常高興地宣布我們推出了環保計劃及與最新的合作伙伴Redress,一個開創性及致力減少時裝界的浪費和推廣環境可持續性的香港非牟利團體,攜手盼讓紡織品能停留在時尚圈更久。   按此處可了解更多有關資訊。


Meet The Independent Local Bridal House

If you've decided to purchase a bespoke wedding gown, this episode is perfectly tailored for you. This week, we caught up with an independent local wedding gown artisan, Katharine Yeung, to walk us through the philosophy of her brand, Kath Yeung Bridal Atelier, the most incredible client experience and more.  _____________ How long does it normally take for the whole creation?3 to 4 months time depending on the complexity of the design, fabric availability and both of our sch...