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Happy Lunar New Year 2020

May you have a healthy and prosperous Lunar New Year, from all of us at Jeeves. Jeeves全體仝人恭祝大家鼠年萬事順利,如意吉祥,身體健康! Team Jeeves

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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a local tradition before every Lunar New Year, and it usually takes place on the 28th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar. According to our seniors, dusting and wiping down every surface of your home are highly symbolised for "washing off" bad luck or negative energy. Today is Ninyabaat, the 28th day in the lunar calendar of the last month before officially stepping into Spring. Have you completed the ritual? Get ready to be filled with the good luck and fortune in th...

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Care Label - Spot clean only / Do not dry clean

Some wedding gowns are extremely delicate and intricately designed, and can’t be dry cleaned like other types of dress. They may happen to be heavily-beaded or sequin-covered. If beads are glued on, the glue might even dissolve in dry-cleaning solvent. Also, the coating on such beads is often not resistant to dry-cleaning processes. Photo credit: Photo credit: As a result, spot cleaning by hand would be the alternative for rejuvenating the item while pr...

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Green Campaign

To minimise our environmental footprint, Jeeves has launched a green campaign which allows our clients, who would like to assist us in our environmental awareness. Three sub-schemes are included in this campaign:

1. Garment Recycling

Every day Hong Kong sends, 343 tonnes of textiles to our city's landfills, with valuable resources going to waste – almost 99% of textiles are recyclable! It's time not only for the fashion industry but also us, as a socially responsible company - and you as individuals to make a difference.

With the support of our charitable partner, Redress, a pioneering Hong Kong charity working to reduce textile waste in the fashion industry, we will help to extend the lifespan of your unwanted garments.

Bring the items you no longer wear to two of the Jeeves boutiques - The Bank of East Asia Building and Aberdeen, to help us work towards a zero-waste-to-landfill status and contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.


  1. Where are the recycling drop off points?
    Two drop off boxes are available at two locations:

    The Bank of East Asia Building
    Shop 4B, Lobby Floor, The Bank of East Asia Building,
    10 Des Voeux Road Central, Central 

    Aberdeen HQ
    17/F, Shing Dao Building,
    232 Aerdeen Main Road, Aberdeen

  2. How does it work and what happens to the clothes?
    Simply drop your unwanted clothing into our recycling boxes. Clothing can be any type and in any condition. However, please note that we can only accept shoes in very good condition for reuse.

    Redress carefully screens every item they receive, then sorts them into the following solution streams to maximise their value and minimise environmental impact:

    *Clothes in near pristine condition are sold at Redress' pop up sales to raise funds for Redress’ charitable work to cut waste out of fashion

    *Redress has a wide charitable partner network in Hong Kong. The bulk of clothing donations are delivered directly to these charities – all pre-sorted according to their exact beneficiary requirements

    *Those items that are least favourable for reuse such as heavily stained, ripped or very poor quality items are sent to Redress’ new recycling partners who turn old clothes into new yarns

    *A small percentage of the donations unfortunately still need to go into landfill as they do not qualify for recycling. Redress is continuously working to minimize the amount and is working on providing new channels for these items

    Through the DIY workshops, consumers understand the importance of recycling and reducing the negative impact on the environment.

    Redress Design Award - the world's largest sustainable fashion design competition

  3. Is footwear accepted?
    Yes, but only in very good condition as there is not yet any solution for recycling shoes in Hong Kong.

  4. How are Jeeves involved in this collaboration?
    We collect and deliver your unwanted fashion items to Redress to extend their lifespan.

  5. Who are the charitable partners of Redress?
    The list includes Christian Action, Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong), Greenladies and Greenlittle of St James’ Settlement, Lizzie Bee, Pathfinders, Po Leung Kuk, Impact Hong Kong, Crossroads, Keep Giving, J Life Foundation, Lifelong Animal Protection Charity, Mother’s Choice, Suits for Success, 2 Hand, SHEER, SoCO, Asbury Methodist Social Service, Redress and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

    Redress pop-up shop

    To discover more about the donation criteria, click here.

 GO GREEN WITH JEEVES! #GreenJeeves #GetRedressed


2. Green Packaging

Through our new sustainable garment bag, we believe our customers should have an obligation to choose between functionality, sustainability and convenience when using Jeeves' services. The new garment bag is not only used for storage or protection, but they encourage customers to improve the impact of waste accumulation in daily life.

How does it work?

  •  Purchase a garment bag at any of Jeeves shops
  • Our shop staff will input your name, membership number and expiry date on an identification card and place it in the pocket of the garment bag
  • Bring it along to the shop or give to our valets during the next service
  • We will keep your bag in our workshop until the garment is ready 

The capacity of a standard garment bag – 66cm x 97cm


1 x suit jacket
2 x shirt

2 x suit jacket
3 x blouse

The capacity of a long garment bag – 66cm x 140cm

1 x wedding gown/ cocktail dress
1 x overcoat


3. Hanger Recycling

Through all the sales channels, we responsibly recycle the used JEEVES hangers to help minimise our carbon footprint while helping customers reduce theirs.

Return the hangers to our valet team or shops, and we will recycle them.