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Spring & Summer Is Here. Our First-Class Storage Service Is Tailor-Made For You

Warm weather has finally arrived. Your garments may need a reliable storage facility for your couture clothing or fur products. Adequate storage extends the life of your clothes, and it is vital to store the fur garment in a climate controlled atmosphere to prevent damage from mould growth or drying out. Did you know, at Jeeves, we offer a first-class "one-stop" service that allows your wardrobe to be in a meticulous and hassle-free condition all year around? PREMIUM STORAGE HO...

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to improve our customer satisfaction / in-store experience, Jeeves would like to conduct an anonymous online survey at the link below and invite you to answer the questions for service enhancement intention.
All questions refer to your last in-store experience at a Jeeves store.

Thank you very much for your time!