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Happy Lunar New Year 2020

May you have a healthy and prosperous Lunar New Year, from all of us at Jeeves. Jeeves全體仝人恭祝大家鼠年萬事順利,如意吉祥,身體健康! Team Jeeves

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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a local tradition before every Lunar New Year, and it usually takes place on the 28th day of the 12th month in the Lunar calendar. According to our seniors, dusting and wiping down every surface of your home are highly symbolised for "washing off" bad luck or negative energy. Today is Ninyabaat, the 28th day in the lunar calendar of the last month before officially stepping into Spring. Have you completed the ritual? Get ready to be filled with the good luck and fortune in th...

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Care Label - Spot clean only / Do not dry clean

Some wedding gowns are extremely delicate and intricately designed, and can’t be dry cleaned like other types of dress. They may happen to be heavily-beaded or sequin-covered. If beads are glued on, the glue might even dissolve in dry-cleaning solvent. Also, the coating on such beads is often not resistant to dry-cleaning processes. Photo credit: Photo credit: As a result, spot cleaning by hand would be the alternative for rejuvenating the item while pr...

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Fabric tips and preventive measures for white garments

Wearing head-to-toe in white is a simultaneously understated and bold style. It can also be a challenge to live with especially when it comes to fabric care. Before you put on the most stylish white garments, take a look at the following essential fabric tips and preventive measures.

Image Source: Getty Image for Violet Grey

1. Wash them every one or two wears

As body oil and perspiration accumulate every time you wear your favourite white garment, these two causes can turn fabrics yellow or grey. We, therefore, recommend you wash the white items every one or two wears.

2. Wear a scarf over your neck

Image Source: David Toro

When you pull that stark white blouse over your head, half your make-up foundation is now smeared around the neckline.

Cover your face with an inexpensive scarf while fitting. Just a thin silk scarf makes the difference.

In Japan, it's commonly known the retail shops provide non-woven face covers that prevent new clothes from getting stains. These facial covers are only available in the women's fitting room.

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3. Address stains quickly

Either for white or other coloured items, we shall treat the stains as soon as they left on the item before they become permanent.

Image Source: Getty Image for Han Myung-Gu

4. Always wash white clothes separately

One of the major causes of white shirts going grey or looking dull is putting white clothes together with other coloured clothes in one lot. The solution? Just wash your white clothes separately from everything else, even if it’s a smaller load.

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